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Health Education East Midlands

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Organisation key details
Address 1 Mere Way
Ruddington Fields Business Park
NG11 6JS
Main telephone 0115 823 3300
Main fax 0115 823 3506
Web site URL
Key staff
Postgraduate Dean
Prof Sheona Macleod
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Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Dr Adrian Brooke
PA to Postgraduate Dean
Jayne Lawrence
Tel: 0115 8474807
Secondary Care Dean (North & South)
Dr David Williams
PA to Secondary Care Dean (North & South)
Amanda Garland
Tel: 0115 8474806
PA to Secondary Care Dean (North & South)
Claire Tulloch

Lead areas  |  View all lead areas
Sport and Exercise Medicine (Prof Sheona Macleod)
Genito-Urinary Medicine (Prof Sheona Macleod)
Plastic Surgery (Prof Sheona Macleod)

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