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Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber

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Organisation key details
Address Deanery Headquarters
Department for NHS PGMDE
University of Leeds
Willow Terrace Road
Leeds LS2 9JT
Main telephone 0113 343 1557
Main fax 0113 343 1530
Web site URL
Key staff
Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Mr Jon Hossain
PA to Mr Hossain
Amy Makler
Tel: 0113 343 1506
Deputy Postgraduate Dean for North & East Yorkshire
Dr David Eadington
PA to Dr Eadington
Carly Batchelor
Tel: 01482 660721
Deputy Postgraduate Dean for South Yorkshire
Dr Peter Taylor
PA to Dr Taylor
Lisa Simonite
Tel: 0114 2264505
Postgraduate Dean
Mr David Wilkinson
PA to Mr Wilkinson
Delores Agostini-Quashie
Tel: 0113 343 1500

Lead areas  |  View all lead areas
Clinical Oncology (Radiotherapy) (Mr David Wilkinson)
Medical Oncology (Mr David Wilkinson)
Otolaryngology (ENT) Surgery (Mr David Wilkinson)
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (Mr David Wilkinson)
Histopathology (includes neuropathology) (Mr David Wilkinson)
Urology (Mr David Wilkinson)
Emergency Medicine (Mr David Wilkinson)
Paediatric Surgery (Mr David Wilkinson)
Diagnostic Neuropathology (Mr David Wilkinson)

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