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COPMeD is a UK-wide organisation which represents the Postgraduate Deans and LETBs within the UK including Dental Deans and General Practice Deans/Directors.  COPMeD’s aims include managing the delivery and outcomes of postgraduate medical and dental education to the highest possible standards and to ensure that these standards are comparable across the United Kingdom.  It is committed to improving the quality of postgraduate medical and dental education and training, to ensuring that innovative educational approaches are developed and that the trainees completing such training are able to work effectively within the national healthcare system and, in particular, the NHS.

COPMeD supports the development of excellence in postgraduate medical education through relationships with Universities, promotion of quality research and the development of a seamless continuum from undergraduate, through postgraduate to continuing professional development.

The Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans of the United Kingdom (COPMeD) also acts as a focal point for contact between the Postgraduate Medical Deans and other organisations, e.g. Medical Royal Colleges, GMC, BMA, AoMRC, Medical Schools Council, AoME, ASME, NCAS, UKFPO and Health Departments for postgraduate medical and dental education matters.

Responsibility for postgraduate education and training for general practice is delegated from Postgraduate Deans to Directors of Postgraduate General Practice Education.  Directors meet together as a group in the Committee of General Practice Education Directors (COGPED) which performs a similar national role to COPMeD, but for general practice.  COGPED’s website can be found at www.cogped.org.uk

Similarly responsibility for postgraduate education and training for dentistry and dental specialties is delegated to Postgraduate Dental Deans who meet together in the Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors; the COPDEND website can be found at www.copdend.org.uk  COPDEND acts as a focal point for contact between the Dental Deans and other organisations including Dental Faculties of the UK Royal Colleges of Surgeons, JCPTD, GDC, BDA, AoMRC, Dental Schools Council, ADEE, NCAS and UK Departments of Health for postgraduate dental education matters.

Contact details for Deaneries can be found in the Deaneries section of this website.

The current Chair of COPMeD is Professor Derek Gallen.

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COPMeD Statement on Industrial Action

Dear colleagues, 

The postgraduate deans do not take a view one way or the other on the current dispute over pensions and the industrial action called by the BMA. Our concern is primarily patient safety, and also the welfare of our colleagues. 

Opinions on the issue of industrial action by doctors can be quite polarised and the subject can be emotive, with the potential to lead to a very difficult time for departments and practices, and for the medical profession as a whole, with the possibility of persistent ill-feeling between colleagues. 

Doctors who are taking industrial action and those who are not should respect each other’s rights, and there should be no coercion or pressure on colleagues in either direction.  Junior doctors in particular may feel under duress one way or another from senior doctors, though there is potential for any doctor to feel pressured by others on this issue, and we must all be ready to support colleagues who are experiencing difficulties in this way. 

Doctors are recommended to cooperate with managers in the planning of services for the day or days of action, and this planning should happen in the spirit of ensuring patient safety.  We strongly encourage all doctors to respect each other as professionals, colleagues and friends on the day of action, knowing that we will be working together for many years to come. Whatever your view on the dispute and the action, we must take care to ensure that the profession is not divided by this.  The BMA has provided extensive guidance on their website on the planned action, and the overriding principle for all doctors is that patient safety remains paramount.


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